Our romantic rooms
- Lalla and Rugantino


These two rooms are on the first floor and in the front area of the Casa Rugantino.


Lalla and Rugantino are recommended for couples. They are also preferable for families of 4-6 people because the have a common hallway at the entrance.


18-22 m2, A/C, free WiFi, private bathroom, possibility of an extra bed, central heating. 

Our triples
- Gregorio and Adelina


Gregorio is on the ground floor (no stairs) with a patio entrance and a big bathroom. It is our largest room with over 25 m2.


Adelina is on the first floor, 18 m2, with three windows facing the patio. 


The rooms are comfortable for longer permanence. 

A/C, central heating, free WiFi, and private bathroom.

Our classic doubles
- Oreste, Chiacco, and Florindo


Chiacco and Florindo are on the second floor next to the main rooftop terrace.


Oreste is on the first floor just next to our cozy staircase terrace.  


14-16 m2 with A/C, free WiFi, central heating, and private bathroom.



Rugantino's Rooms

All our rooms are different and unique

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