Hotel Casa Rugantino, a Boutique sanctuary located in the very centre of Buenos Aires, is where luxury meets warm hospitality in an atmosphere of charm and elegance. Our boutique hotel nestled amidst the buzz and excitement of this vivacious city offers you the perfect combination of historical ambiance with modern convenience.

The moment you arrive at our hotel, our staff is committed to offering personalized service as per your specific needs. We go above and beyond expectations by arranging transport for you, suggesting tourist sites or even ensuring that your room becomes an oasis of peace.Enjoy beautifully decorated rooms and suits that provide a calm haven from the hectic activities outside. Sink into soft sheets, stylish furnishings, and contemporary appliances that are meant to cater for your every desire.

If you want to taste Argentine food then you can do so at our exclusive restaurant which fuses local ingredients with international flavors making it possible to create dishes that excite your taste buds like no other can.Another choice is to select a fine wine from our wide range and accompany your meal or choose a signature cocktail at our fancy bar.

Expert therapists at our spa and wellness center offer different soothing treatments for indulging the body and mind. They are there to help you relax with massage, time in the swimming pool or fitness room that will offer you much pleasure during your visit.Buenos Aires Boutique Hotel Casa Rugantino is centrally located near most outstanding attractions of the city as well as its night life and restaurants.

Come see why Boutique Hotel Casa Rugantino is the ultimate in luxury for people who know. We can make any trip a memorable one whether it’s a romantic getaway or business meeting. So, book your room now and get ready for an unforgettable experience of pampering yourself through luxury, relaxation and exceptional hospitality. Hurry up to Buenos Aires!